Epoxy Night Glow Grout

Epoxy Night Glow Grout is formulated 3 part epoxy grout - glow - in - the - dark grout material for use in residential and commercial areas, as well as in swimming pools, spas, showers, or water fountains. Epoxy Night Glow Grout is formulated using a non - radioactive rare - earth element that stores energy during exposure to ordinary light and releases it when the lights go off, providing low - level illumination for up to 8 hours after a fifteen - minute exposure to artificial or natural light, making it the ideal grout to use on indoor or outdoor surfaces.


Maintain hygiene

Uniform colour

Non cracking

Chemical resistant

Asthetic / Rich look

Excellent adhesion

100% Waterproof

Lights off it glows

  • Grouting On
  • Recommended Area
  • Technical Specification
  • Coverage

Grouting on

Grouting on

Ceramic tiles

Vitrified tiles

Glass Mosaics

Porcelain tiles

Marbles and Granite

Other Natural Stones and Tiles

Recommended Area

Recommended Area

Commercial Area

Residential Area

Swimming Pools


Showers or Water Fountains

Technical Specification

Joint Width Pot Life at 27 ⁰ C + 2⁰ C Cure at 27 ⁰ C + 2⁰ C Temperature Resistance Water Absorption Specific Gravity
2-20mm 45 minutes 48 hours Prolonged -30⁰ C to 70⁰C
Intermittent Up to 100⁰C
Nil 1.75
Tensile Adhesion(14 Day Air)
Expoxy Night Glow Grout Dry Condition Wet Condition
> 4.5 KN > 3.6 KN
BS 5980 : 1980 minimum 0.95 0.56

* Suitability depends on surface level/flatness p.b.w = Parts by Weight


Theoretical coverage calculation

(Tile length + Tile breadth) x Tile thickness x Joint width x Specific gravity *

(Tile lenght + Joint width) x (Tile breadth + Joint width)

= kg/m2

All the dimensions are in mm

*Specific gravity = 1.75