About Us

ULTRA GREEN BUILDING PRODUCTS is an Indian company (“Make in India” - concept) with 14 years of experience in serving this Industry to cater the needs and wants of professional Tile and stone fixing system and has manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Coimbatore. It has offered installation solutions with innovative technologies that allow for permanent, durable and economical method of installing tile and stone, under ULTRA FIX, our Brand name.

Ultra Fix eco friendly products and services designed to assist the Architects, Builders, Developers, Masons and Project managers in achieving a best quality of construction in Tile and stone fixing system.

Ultra Fix has products for floor and wall tiling, external cladding, swimming pools, industrial and commercial flooring and fixing more specialist ceramic, glass or stone products, refurbishment, tile on tile, tile on mosaic, tile on wood, steel and filling joints with epoxy grout, superior grout and cement polymer grout.


We Believe in continuous Innovation and Change


This belief helps us to achieve our Goals and Perform at High Levels

Guiding Values

Our Guiding Values are Performance, Customer First, Ethical Practices & Valuing People

Core values

These four core values will help us in Managing and Meshing stakeholders expectations