Tile Adhesive is a dry, one-component Medium thick bed and thin-set adhesive designed for the installation of ceramic, porcelain and slate on floors and walls. This adhesive is recommended for most interior residential uses.



Polymer fortified

Easy to mix

Easy to apply

Better open time

  • Recommended Substrates
  • Coverage
  • Technical Specification
  • Typical Value

Recommended Substrates

Recommended Substrates

Cured concrete

Existing bricks

Mosaic floor

Masonry blocks

Cement Plaster



This will depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application. It may cover approximately 50 to 60 sq.ft per 20 kg bag for bed thickness of 3mm. For good coverage, it is vitally important that all surfaces should be clean, smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulation.

Technical Specification

Bed Thickness Walls* Floors* Mix Proportions(By Weight) Open Time Pot Life at
27 ⁰ + 2⁰ C
Setting Time at
27 ⁰ + 2⁰ C
Temperature Resistance
3-6mm Use Thin-Bed Trowel Use Thick-Bed Trowel 1p.b.w Water
3 p.b.w. Adhesive
10-15 minutes 3 hours 24 hours -30⁰ C to 150⁰C

Typical Value

Results at 27± 2⁰C Tensile Adhesion (14 day air) Shear Adhesion
Dry Condition (kN) Wet Condition (kN) Dry Condition (kN) Wet Condition (kN) Heat Condition (kN)
Silver 1.00 0.75 10.00 6.50 6.50
BS.5980:1980 minimum 0.95 0.56 8.90 4.50 4.50
IS 15477:2004 minimum type1 0.75 0.45 1 Day Air 14 Day Air 7 Day Air/ 7 Day Wet 7 Day Air/ 7 Day Heat
2.50 8.00 4.00 4.00