ULTRA FIX tile Cleaner is a highly concentrated, heavy duty acidic restoration cleaner that makes ceramic tile & grout look like new. Our tile Cleaner removes soap scum, hard water deposits, grout haze and efflorescence formulated with advanced cleaning technology that breaks down even the toughest stains.

For cleaning of ceramic tile, grout and masonry; our cleaner will etch marble, travertine, limestone and other acid-sensitive surfaces and will not etch or corrode most metal surfaces. Use with caution around metals and tape off all metals that may be contacted with our cleaner. Our Cleaner can be used instead of Muriatic acid in most traditional applications including hard surface etching and cleaning, dissolving water insoluble salts including calcium carbonate, soap scum residues, efflorescence and other in solubles or calcium carbonate minerals and for cleaning or preparing hard surface masonry of all types of tile, grout, stonework and concrete.

Ultrafix Cleaners