Superior Grout

Superior Grout is fine blend of ordinary portland cement, enriched polymer and fine silica to give excellent water repellent properties to vitrified, ceramic, natural stone and marbles.


Water repellent

Excellent flexibility

Interior & Exterior use

Joint upto 6mm

Smooth and creamy finish

Non shrinking

Non cracking

Effortless application

High bonding on non porous tile

  • Grouting On
  • Recommended Area
  • Technical Specification

Grouting on

Grouting on

Ceramic tiles

Vitrified tiles


Porcelain tiles

Marbles and Granite

Other Natural Stones and Tiles

Recommended Area

Recommended Area

Commercial area

Residential area

Technical Specification

Joint Width Pot Life at 27 ⁰ C + 2⁰ C Cure at 27 ⁰ C + 2⁰ C Temperature Resistance Water Grout Ratio Compressive Strength
Joint upto 6mm 30 minutes 24 hours -30⁰ C to 150⁰C 1:3 24 hours min. 6.00KN 48 hours min. 10.00KN

* Suitability depends on surface level/flatness p.b.w = Parts by Weight